At Glenvale Christian School, wearing the correct uniform is important because it helps the students express a common identity and feel part of their school community. A uniform enhances the school's image in the community and allows our students to show pride in their school. We believe that when uniform policy is clearly defined and adhered to, it avoids issues such as clothing costs, fashion competitiveness and superficial individual differences. It is an economical option and reduces financial differences between students. A uniform provides an avenue through which students learn respect for parent and teacher authority and acceptance of rules.

We require that students adhere to the school uniform guidelines as this will eliminate any potential discipline problems that may arise from students wearing incorrect clothing to school. Clothing that is not part of the official school uniform, or uniforms that become unkempt, will be required to be replaced.

It is the policy of the school that parents make every effort to obtain the approved school uniform and to ensure that every day their children wear a correct, neat and tidy uniform at school and outside of the school grounds.

Although wearing a uniform is not compulsory for our Kindergarten students, parents are encouraged to purchase our GCS Kindergarten shirt and hat to help the little ones identify with the school community.

Our Uniform Shop is operated by a team of volunteers and is located in the under croft of the Prep/Year 1 building (at the bottom of the stairs).

Uniform Shop Hours during the school term:

Wednesday: 8.30 - 9.00am.

If parents are unable to attend on a Wednesday, an alternative time and day can be arranged. You can make an appointment by contacting the school office on (07) 4634 0113 or by emailing

Uniform Policy

Uniform Guidelines

Guide - GCS Uniform Requirements

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